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PareNT's Safeguarding

Safe Parent’s Forum

Who are we? - The Safe Project is based within Children’s Services - we are a multidisciplinary team who work with young people and their families where there are worries about young people being exploited by others – this is called Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

What is Safe Parent’s Forum?

  • A monthly forum for parents/carers of young people assessed as at risk of or experiencing CSE.
  • An opportunity to share experiences in safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment.
  • An opportunity to meet other people who have had similar experiences.
  • A time to relax, discuss and share ideas.
  • A chance to have your voice heard and feed into shaping services in Leeds.

The next meeting is 10am-1pm 8th December 2016 – please ring Joanne (07717717102) or Lorraine (07712217170 for more details including venue.

How will it work? – Safe Parent’s Forum is open for parents to attend when they are able to or interested in doing so.  The 2 hour session will be spilt into a semi-structured session focussing on one topic followed by time to get to know each other, chat, feel supported and support others and enjoy a tea and cake.

The exact programme will be agreed by the group and guest speakers will be invited to share information.

What do we hope to achieve with the parents? - We will promote the voice of the parent/carer using a variety of activities/techniques such as group exercises, creative ways of sharing ideas and experiences.  For those who want to, there will be time to express any fears, concerns and feelings about what has happened to their young person.  We are interested in what has helped or hindered families.  This will be used to inform our own practice within the team and also allow us to share views around wider service experience.

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