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Green Class

Green Class is a year 3/4 class taught by Mr Palk and supported by Miss Greenwood and Mrs Todd.



Learn by Hearts: Each week, on a Friday, the children will look at maths facts to learn. We will then test these facts in class the following week. The children will then continue to learn these facts for an additional week- hopefully bettering their score from the previous week. At the end of the 2nd week, the children will have new facts to learn

Google Classroom


Password: Roth1234


If you are a Year 4 parent/carer and missed our MTC meeting, please find the slides here.



Learning goals:



 This is Ollie the octopus. He is the Green Class mascot, and his tentacles represent our Learning Goals! Members of Green Class need to do the Learning Goals to get a sticker! After they have collected three stickers, their name will be put into the Good Learners box ready for the celebration assembly!

Our learning goals are...

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Resilience
  • Perseverance
  • Enquiry
  • Pride
  • Respect
  • Reflection
  • Organisation 

This terms learning:

In this half term, we will be focusing on the Stone Age to Iron Age as a topic. We will be exploring the geographical features of Rothwell; as well as looking at the history of the area and how it has changed over time.


English: We have just started learning about Newspapers. The children will be creating their own articles about a recently discovered Stone Age painting. 

Maths: This half term we are focusing on multiplication and division facts. We will then move onto to using these facts in our fractions work.

Science:  The children will be looking at different rocks and soils.


DT and Art: The children will be creating a painting of Stonehenge using pastels, paint and silhouettes 

Music: In Music we will be exploring R'n'B style music. We will learn to play and read the notes C, D, E + F.

French: In French we will be recapping on the days of the week, countries and other vocabulary learnt over the last lockdown.

PSHE: We will be looking at the choices people make around food.

Computing: During our ICT sessions, the children will be learning computer skills, including copy and pasting and the snipping tool.

 Religion and World Views: We will be focusing in on the Sikh religion.


Weekly Routine:

We have 2 sessions of PE a week, our first session is on a Monday, where it is an outdoor lesson for a games. In addition to this, on a Friday, we will have our indoor session focusing on Real Gym.

Homework is set each week on Mathletics (for the maths homework) and English will be set on Google Classroom. 

Each pupil will have a  spelling list consisting of up to 10 words to learn for the following week, throughout the following week each pupil will get tested then receive a new list to be tested the following week. These will also be posted on Google Classroom.

 Reading books and planners should be signed by adults and presented on Mondays and Thursdays. Children will have access to reading books within the classroom.