Victoria Junior School
Cornwall Crescent,
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 0RA

Please contact Mrs S Ramskill on:

0113 393 2926​

Rothwell Victoria Junior School




At Rothwell Victoria, we support children to become confident and successful lifelong readers, writers and communicators.

We have a fantastic library, stocked with many wonderful books and allow children to borrow these books. We have new reading records to go home with the library and independent reading books that children have chosen for themselves. It is very exciting, as our children are incredible, and we want to engender a true love of reading within them all. 

Children are encouraged to read at home as well as at school and all are given a record in which to record their reading. Children can also access Bug Club (an online reading resource) at school and at home and this is matched to their personal reading band.

We encourage parents and carers to share books with their children and can offer workshops and open classrooms to see the school in action. Not only do we encourage the children to read but we read a class novel to them on a daily basis. This way we ensure that every child listens to a good reading role-model.



We have a school handwriting scheme which all children are taught, and we make sure that writing skills are applied across the curriculum so that our children see a real purpose for writing and understand its importance in our daily lives. As an incentive for children to work toward this we run a pen licence scheme.

We have a whole school focus on presentation and children are encouraged to take a pride in their work and this is reflected in our Learning Goals.

Teacher's plans include exciting experiences which encourage the children to want to write and be creative. Planning follows a progressive set of skills and makes children aware of the outcomes when beginning a unit. Children are encouraged to reflect on their work and the work of their peers and after drafting and editing they publish pieces of writing from across the curriculum.


Progression in Writing - please see below. 

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