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Rothwell Victoria Junior School


The Humanities curriculum - When our pupils leave Victoria, we want them to know about the world beyond Rothwell and understand the natural and human factors that shape it. We want all pupils to enjoy and engage with their History and Geography curricula, and as they progress through school begin to take the initiative to direct their own learning through child-led projects. We want them to be curious about people and places, now and in the past, and have the skills and confidence to search for answers. We arrange for many enhancements in the forms of trips, visitors, experiences and residentials.

The emphasis in History is on learning the chronology of British History from earliest times to 1066 as well as looking at how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world. There is a focus on historical enquiry, looking at how we find out things from sources and asking questions about the past.


Subject Vision 

SMSC Statement


Curriculum Overview - Master Plan

Curriculum Overview - Cycle One

Curriculum Overview - Cycle Two

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