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Rothwell Victoria Junior School


At Rothwell Victoria we agree with the new National Curriculum when it talks about mathematics being essential to everyday life. We believe that children should be taught about how mathematics can help them to understand the world around them and reason logically but we also want to instil in children a love of the subject.

We recognise that a sound understanding of place value and the number system underpins everything in mathematics and we teach these fundamental facts and principles explicitly at the start of each mathematics session using a personalised and systematic scheme of work.

We also place great importance in giving our children the opportunity to learn about mathematics in real life contexts, often linked with our themes. Solving problems and investigating mathematical patterns and puzzles in a variety of different situations are embedded into our curriculum throughout the school. Children at this school are frequently given the opportunity to solve problems practically and we embrace the use of ICT (mathletics, TTR, Purple Mash, etc) as a means of motivating children and increasing their independence.


Fluency, reasoning and problem solving is taught for each objective with a view to deepening children's understanding rather than just moving them on to the next step in a particular strand of mathematics.


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Early Bird Maths

We are dedicated to improving the arithmetic skills of all our students. One of the ways that we do this is through our early bird maths sessions. At the start of every day, when the children enter the school, there are a selection of questions on the board. The children try to answer as many as they can. The number of questions expected of the children increases as the children go through school. 

The questions can be related to previous maths, current maths learning or can be used as a pre-teaching activity to get the children ready for a new maths concept they are going to be taught. The skills that the children are practising stay the same throughout that week.

The children absolutely love it as they can see their progress throughout the week and we find it a great start to our day.

Learn By Hearts

 Learn by hearts are a set of maths facts that the children are given to learn. They are send home in a two week cycle. The children are tested on the facts at the end of the first week and then again at the end of the second week. Where possible, we try to match the facts to the children's current learning.


Please see the flow chart for further information.

Times Tables

To be great mathematicians, we believe that the children need to have a good understanding of their times tables. We promote this in school by setting a focused times table each week for each phase. The children practise these times tables in class and are encouraged to further develop their knowledge at home. Each week, a class times table champion from each class is chosen to represent their class in a 'Times Table Battle'. The winning class gets their champion in the hall of fame and that champion gets to sit on benches in our Friday assemblies. At the end of the term, we have an ultimate showdown to decide on the 'Times Table Class Champions'. The winning class win a party!


Within school, we also have access to Times Table Rockstars. The children love using this programme to speed up their recall. They also enjoy challenging their classmates (and teachers) to see who can answer the most questions in the alloted time.