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Rothwell Victoria Junior School

Religion and World Views

In Key Stage 2 the children continue systematic learning about Christianity, Islam and Non-Religious Worldviews, which is extended to include Judaism and Sikhism, representative of the religions within our locality.  R&W provides opportunities to explore key religious concepts and common human questions of meaning, purpose and value, as well as enabling our pupils to investigate how beliefs affect moral decisions and identity, exploring both diversity and shared human values.

Knowledge Organisers

 Knowledge organiser Y3 Unit 1.pubDownload
 Knowledge organiser Y3 Unit 2.pubDownload
 Knowledge organiser Y3 Unit 3.pubDownload
 Knowledge organiser Y4 Unit 1.pubDownload
 Knowledge organiser Y4 Unit 2.pubDownload
 Knowledge organiser Y4 Unit 3.pubDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Y56 C1 Extra 1.pubDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Y56 C1 Extra 2.pubDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Y56 C1 Unit 1.pubDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Y56 C1 Unit 2 (2020-21).pubDownload
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