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Science STEM- science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This overarching theme uses logic with investigations, risk taking with outdoor learning. It is designed to teach practical skills, questioning skills and raise aspirations. These key attributes thread throughout the school day and into playtimes  with specially designed activities to challenge the thinking and promote reasoning.


Science will continue to be taught through topic work, where possible, with the necessary changes made. These changes are: greater emphasis on learning scientific vocabulary with more progression in Scientific Enquiry and Habitats, Food Chains, and with Evolution and Inheritance introduced at Year 6

Victoria Scientists are you ready for a challenge?

Why not try our at home experiments, record your findings and share your new knowledge with your teacher and class. 


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Knowledge Organisers 

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We were awarded PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark) in June 2020. We are very proud of this achievement. Please read the report here.