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Kingswood 2015

On the week beginning Monday 20th April the Year 6 children went on their long awaited residential trip. This year, we broke with tradition and visited Kingswood in Dearne Valley.

Everybody (including the staff!) had a fabulous time and tried many things that they had never done before. The activities were designed to help develop the children's skills in problem solving, co-operation, communication, resilience, teamwork and perseverance. The staff were extremely impressed with them and the way in which they overcame their fears throughout the week. The children were a credit to both their parents and our school. We hope you are as proud of them as we are.

Have a look at some of the photographs that we took...

Kingswood Powerpoint



Diary of the week

Thursday 23rd April

This morning, I was so eager to get to make fire during Bush Craft that the teachers called me the Fire King! We tried two different methods - bowdrill (which was pretty hard) and flint & stell (which was easier). When I managed to make fire everyone called me Bear Bilton!


This morning was the best activity yet. It was amazing! The activity was orienteering which involved map reading and it was competitive too. My team got the furthest which was great.

Ben B

Today I conquered the Leap of Faith! I was nervous about going up the tower but when it was my turn I started to climb. Looking down, I started to shake but managed to keep going.When I nervously felt the top, the platform started to wobble and I began to shake again. I managed to get on and jumped with one hand!


Wednesday 22nd April

Today was amazing, going down the zip wire.Once we had mastered unclipping the harness, one by one we climbed the tower to be hooked up by the instructor. Stepping onto the edge pumped everyone's adrenaline until the fear came. Stepping off the ledge, my legs were like jelly!


As I looked up at how high Jacob's Ladder was, my heart dropped but I was determined to do it. Even though I didn't get to the top, I was still very proud of myself.


As group A entered the camp fire area, something said that Bushcraft would be amazing - and it was! We learned how to make dens, fires and clean water from the woods. Making the fire was my favourite - it was brilliant!




Tuesday 21st April

Today, me and Izzy, completed our goal of safely climbing 7 bars on Jacob's Ladder, leaving us feeling extremely proud. With friendly encouragement from both the leaders and our class mates, it made us more confident than ever! When other classmates were struggling, we were determined to help our team by getting them to higher bars.

Ruby & Izzy

Today, me, Leah and Aimee faced our fears on the high ropes. When completed, we were extremely proud of ourselves, even though Aimee didn't quite get to the top. With all the encouraging and supportive voices around us, we were pushed to go higher and higher!

Aimee, Leah & Marnie

Monday 20th April

After exploring the site and enjoying lots of energetic team games with our leader, Andy, the children challenged themselves with an indoor climbing sessions. We were extremely impressed with their determination to conquer their fears.

Other activities included low ropes and problem solving tasks which required teamwork,supporting and encouraging one another and effective communication.

Evening activities were rounded off with a 'scrapheap challenge.' After a nice cup of hot chocolate, the children have gone to bed feeling very proud of themselves.