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Rothwell Victoria Junior School

Kingswood 2017

The Year 6 children are very excited about their upcoming trip to Kingswood. We will be setting off on Tuesday 28th March and returning just in time for the Easter Holidays on Friday 31st March - we will certainly be in need of a rest!

Keep an eye on this page throughout the week for updates on our adventures..... 

Tuesday 28th March 2017

We had a fantastic start to our Kingswood adventure. On arrival , our group leader - Alice - gave us a tour of the site and we were very excited to finally find out who our room mates would be for the week! The sun came out just in time for our first activity which was High Ropes - quite a challenge to begin with. Everybody had a go and the staff were really impressed with the resilience and perseverance that was on display. After High Ropes we got to explore the site further with an orienteering challenge before tea. The evening activity was Scrapheap Challenge - unfortunately, no teams waterballoon survived the drop from the top of the building! 



Wednesday 29th March 2017

After a good night's sleep (?!), we embarked upon our second day. It was a dull day with quite a bit of rain but we didn't let that stop us making the most of our experience. Today's activities were Low Ropes, Jacob's Ladder, Archery and Nightline. They all required us to work together as a team, communicate and listen well and to trust each other. It was great to see everybody encouraging friends and helping others succeed. The day was rounded off with movie night which everyone enjoyed.