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School Meals and Packed Lunches

At Rothwell Victoria, we are committed to not only providing children with a healthy school dinner, but we are also invested in teaching children about the importance of a healthy diet.


Please click here to see our Packed lunch policy.

We use the Pupil Choice Scheme for our school meals.

As you can see, the menu is on a three week cycle. The dates that relate to each week are at the top of each menu.

 For each day, there is a red option, meat or fish; a green option, vegetarian; a yellow option, sandwich; or a purple option, jacket potato.  

 The children will choose their choice of meal during morning registration.

This scheme will ensure that your child will have a meal they enjoy, rather than their favourite option running out before their class come in for lunch.


Packed lunch advice


As well as providing a healthy school dinner, we also advocate that the children on a packed lunch bring a healthy meal.