Rothwell Victoria Junior School

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School Council and School food ambassadors


School Council

At Rothwell Victoria Junior School, we think it's vital that our children have a voice. It is the role of the School Councillors to listen to their peers and to use this information to improve our school.

This year, our School Councillors are:

Ava (Indigo Class)

Layton (Indigo Class)

Elodie (Green Class)

Evie (Yellow)

Alice (Yellow)

Lexi (Blue)

Myles (Blue)

Lacey (Orange)

Lilly (Orange)

Ruby (Red)

Tony (Red)


After lots of discussion with the children, the School Council have decided that this year they will raise money to improve the reading areas in each class room!


School Food Ambassadors

 Each class has a School Food Ambassador. It is their job to discuss the lunch time experience with their peers and pass on thoughts and comments to the lunch time supervisors and kitchen staff.