Victoria Junior School
Cornwall Crescent,
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 0RA

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0113 393 2926​

Rothwell Victoria Junior School


The World's Worst Children by David Walliams


Day one (27.04.2020) - Dribbling Drew

Day two (28.04.2020) - Bertha the Blubberer

Day three (29.04.2020) - Nigel Nit-Boy Part I

Day four (30.04.2020) - Nigel Nit Boy Part II

Day five (01.05.2020) - Miss Petula Perpetual Motion Part I

Day six (04.05.2020) - Miss Petula Perpetual Motion Part II

Day seven (05.05.2020) - Peter Picker Part I

Day eight (06.05.2020) Peter Picker Part II

Day eight (continued) Grubby Gertrude

Day nine (07.05.2020) Grubby Gertrude Part II

Day ten (11.05.2020) Brian Wong is never, ever wrong

Day eleven (12.05.2020) Windy Mindy

Day twelve (13.05.2020) Earnest Ernest

Day thirteen (14.05.2020) Sofia Sofa

The World's Worst Children 2 by David Walliams

Day fourteen (15.05.2020) Humbert the Hungry Baby

Day fifteen (18.5.20) Stacey Superstar

Day sixteen (19.5.20) Fussie Franky

Day seventeen (20.5.20) Cruel Clarissa part 1

Day eighteen (21.5.2020) Cruel Clarissa part 2

Day nineteen (22.5.20) Harry who never did his homework Part 1