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Rothwell Victoria Junior School

Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

Please click on the links below to access the information you need. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Brookes (SENDCo) at



ADHD Mind Map.pdf

Are You ADHD Aware.pdf

ADHD Strategies.docx

ADHD support strategies.pdf

Brainstem Calmer Activities.pdf

Now Next Visual Aid.pdf



Autism Spectrum Mind Map.pdf

Are You Autism Aware.pdf

STARS - The Autism Basics Booklet updated Sept 2019.docx

Top Ten Strategies Supporting Students With Autism Adult Guidance.pdf

SEND Support For Parents - autism.docx

Spectrum support sheet.docx

How to Use Peripheral Vision to Engage Your Child with Autism.pdf

Meeting Sensory Needs.pdf


Time for a brain break.pdf

Time for a movement break.pdf

Now Next Visual Aid.pdf

Useful Phrases Communication Fan.pdf



Social Stories to support during the Coronavirus 


Children's coronavirus awareness.pdf

Upset by the news.pdf


My Hero is You, Storybook for Children on COVID-19.pdf

Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus.pdf


Social Stories to support with hygiene


Hand-Washing Routine.pdf

Clean hands protect against infection.docx


Social stories and resources to support the return to school

My lockdown experience.pdf

Social distancing at school.docx

Returning to school - Social Story.pdf

Preparing to come out of lockdown - symbols.docx

Lockdown Journal.pdf

Transition back to school after Coronavirus lockdown - Talking Mat.docx

Top Tips for Helping Autistic Children Return to Educational Settings after Covid 19.docx


Visual Timetables and symbols 

Symbols for home.docx

Symbols 1.docx

Symbols 2.pdf


My to do list.pdf


Preparing for transition

End of year transition


Lego Challenges

 31 Day Lego Challenge.pdf



Lego therapy group information sheet.pdf

Building bricks therapy - job description headbands.pdf

Building bricks - useful instruction words.pdf



Dyslexia and Dyslexic tendencies

Dyslexia Mind Map.pdf

Dyslexia Friendly Classroom.docx

Dyslexia guidelines.pdf

SEND Support For Parents - dyslexia.docx

SNIP literacy programme 1.pdf

Ultimate Guide to phonological awareness.pdf

Practicing visual perceptual skills.pdf



Dyscalculia Mind Map.pdf

SEND Support For Parents - dyscalculia.docx


Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Well Being Pack during Coronavirus.docx

Wellbeing workbook primary

Wellbeing workbook primary

Self Care Kit.pdf

Are You Anxiety Aware.pdf

OWLS Supporting a child with anxiety.pdf

Supporting an anxious child.pdf

Talking to your child about anxiety.pdf

Anxiety handbook.pdf

Anxiety activity book.pdf

Managing feelings of uncertainty.pdf

Decatastrophizing worksheet.pdf

Emotional support games.pdf

Emotional regulation games for children.pdf

Self regulatory games for children.pdf

Mindfulness activities.pdf

Positivity jar.pdf


Calming and Relaxing activities

Mindfulness challenge cards.pdf

Brain breaks.pdf

Animal yoga.pdf

Time for a brain break.pdf

Animal workout.pdf

Relaxation pack.pdf

Relax kids book.pdf

Muscle relaxation.pdf

Destress apps.pdf


Spending time together 

Spending time together - week 1.pdf

Spending time together - week 2.pdf

Spending time together - week 3.pdf

Spending time together - week 4.pdf


Support for parents

Scope - Supporting families with disabled children.pdf

Advice for keyworker parents during Covid-19 - helping your child adapt.pdf

It takes all minds - support for children with SEN with Covid-19.pdf

BBC Bite Size - Parent Toolkit for SEND:




Provides information and advice, for parents/carers, children, and young people with Special Educational Needs. ​​ Leeds SENDIASS is impartial, confidential, arm's length from the Local Authority and schools, free and accessible to all parents and carers of children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities.

SENDIASS Newsletter 3 May 2020 .pdf

SENDIASS Newsletter 4 July 2020.pdf

SENDIASS Parent and carer Covid-19 resources and SEND information.pdf







Speech, Language and Communication

SEND Support For Parents - SLC.docx

Let's get talking!.pdf




Listening and Attention

Attention and Listening skills.docx

Attention and Listening activities.pdf

Auditory memory activities.pdf


Barrier Games 

 General barrier game.pdf

Camping and funpark barrier game.pdf

Listen and Do 1 - Two Word Level.pdf

Listen and Do 2 - Two Word Level.pdf

Listen and Do 3 - Two Word Level.pdf

Listen and Do 1 - 3 word.pdf

Listen and Do 2 - 3 word.pdf

Listen and Do 3 - 3 word.pdf

Listen and Do 1 - 4 word.pdf

Listen and Do 2 - 4 word.pdf

Listen and Do 3 - 4 word.pdf

Listen and Do 1- 5 word.pdf

Listen and Do 2 - 5 word.pdf

Listen and Do 3 - 5 word.pdf

Listen and Do 1 - Higher Level.pdf

Listen and Do 2 - Higher Level.pdf

Listen and Do 3 - Higher Level.pdf

Listen and Do 4 - Higher Level.pdf


Motor Control

SEND Support For Parents - motor control.docx

Gross motor movements.pdf

Gross motor - ball skills.pdf

Multi sensory Letter formation.pdf


Pencil control

KS2 handwriting-warm-up-exercises-information-cards.pdf


Pencil Control Loops and Curves Workbook - Solid Line.pdf

Pencil Control Worksheet.pdf

Pencil control.pdf



The Journey to Cursive KS2 Handwriting Pangram Assessment Activity.pdf




Scissor control

Scissor skills.pdf

Scissor Cutting Skills Booklet.pdf

Cutting Skills Worksheets Size and Shape Ordering.pdf

Cutting Skills Worksheets Shapes.pdf


Life Skills 

Explorer award booklet.pdf

Explorer award booklet.pdf

Life skills challenge.pdf