Assessment Statement


Since the implementation of the New Curriculum (September 2014) the government removed national curriculum levels which were previously used to report children’s attainment and progress.  Instead, it now provides an outline of broad expectations indicating what pupils should be taught in different year groups or key stages.
Levels have been replaced with the following codes:
                   Year 3 Beginning        Year 3 Developing       Year 3 Secure       Year 3 Exceeding

                   Year 4 Beginning       Year 4 Developing        Year 4 Secure       Year 4 Exceeding

                   Year 5 Beginning       Year 5 Developing        Year 5 Secure       Year 5 Exceeding

                   Year 6 Beginning       Year 6 Developing        Year 6 Secure       Year 6 Exceeding
Our assessment practices continue to provide information about pupils’ attainment and progress.  Additionally our assessment procedures continue to give attention to helping pupils to meet or exceed age related expectations and achieve the highest standards they can at each stage of their learning. We continually assess children as they learn in order to monitor progress, plan an effective schedule of lessons and report achievements back to parents.
Please read our Assessment Policy to gain a greater insight into the assessment methods at Rothwell Victoria Junior School.