School Meals and Packed Lunches

At Rothwell Victoria, we are committed to not only providing children with a healthy school dinner, but we are also invested in teaching children about the importance of a healthy diet.


Please click here to see our Packed lunch policy, or click here to see the child friendly version.


We use the Pupil Choice Scheme for our school meals.






As you can see, the menu is on a three week cycle. The dates that relate to each week are at the top of each menu.

 For each day, there is a red option, meat or fish; a green option, vegetarian; a yellow option, sandwich; or a purple option, jacket potato.  

 The children will choose their choice of meal during morning registration.

This scheme will ensure that your child will have a meal they enjoy, rather than their favourite option running out before their class come in for lunch.


Packed lunch advice


As well as providing a healthy school dinner, we also advocate that the children on a packed lunch bring a healthy meal.