Reading at Home

Reading at home is very important as it gives your child the opportunity to develop and practise a vital, life-long skill. 


To support your child's development of reading we have developed opportunities to read at home. 

  • Your child will bring home a reading book that is matched to their reading age and one library book which they can read for pleasure. 
  • Reading planner which will provide a weekly reading log so that you can keep track of the books your child is reading and how they are doing. We request that children read a minimum of 10 pages per week but stress that this is a minimum and our aim is for children to enjoy reading rather than seeing it a quantity of something they must do. 
  • Please ensure that your child's reading book is brought into school everyday as there will be opportunities throughout the week for your child to read their book. 


Why is it important for your child to read at home?


  • Reading gives your child the opportunity to to hear stories and have access to language at a higher level than if they were to read alone. Reading texts and hearing texts read aloud is a great way to enhance the vocabulary your child is exposed to and in turn, they are able to use. 
  • When you read with your child, they will hear what expressive and fluent reading sounds like. This will help them to develop their own level of fluency. 
  • Reading together will show children the value of reading. It can also be relaxing and fun. 
  • The more often and more widely they read; the better a reader they will become. 
  • Reading vastly improves spelling, grammar and writing ability. It will also improve their general knowledge.   

Why not go to our Local Library?

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